Grafdom Most Reliable Web Host of the region for December

According to an independent survey by WD Research, Grafdom proved to be the most reliable web host among the top ten other providers with maximum performance and uptime.

Dubai, January 30, 2008 – Grafdom today announced that it was selected as the most reliable web hosting company for December 2007. According to an independent survey by WD Research, Grafdom's web hosting servers performed perfectly with no downtime and or failed requests. Grafdom ranked at the top position with an outage of 0:00:00 and 0.00 % failed requests.

“We are extremely happy with these results, as our continuous investment in advanced technological components has shown the obvious results” commented Colin Tonally, Head of Web Hosting, Grafdom, Middle East. “The survey also proves that Grafdom's web hosting platforms are capable of providing reliable and consistent service excellence for both small & medium enterprises and large organizations.”

WD Research compared the response times of ten leading hosting providers’ sites in the Middle East. The performance measurements were made at fifteen-minute intervals from varied points around the internet, and averages were calculated over the immediately preceding 24-hour period.

About Grafdom

Grafdom is strategically positioned to pioneer in the regional IT and web industry and further build compelling synergies with business partners. It strives to spur revolutionary concepts in web modules, graphic design, and e-commerce and deliver service excellence in other areas such as outsourcing, application development, network installation, and system integration. Grafdom has grown exponentially since its early days, supplementing 3D animation design and print media to its line of corporate services. The company empowers businesses to expand into seamless online platforms and fortify their envisioned brands globally.

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