Grafdom is one of the leading digital media agencies in the Middle East with expertise in Web Design, Social Media & Mobile Apps.
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Video Production Company Dubai & Abu Dhabi (Event Videographer)

Dubai’s #1 Video Production Company

As one of the premier video production companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Grafdom has experience in digital marketing and creating high definition videos for a wide range of clients and across a diverse spectrum of businesses and industries in the UAE. We have had the privilege of working with leading organizations and Fortune 500 brands.

According to comScore, customers were 64% more likely to buy your product or service after watching a marketing video.

Premium Video Production Services

Our team of dedicated event videographers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi know how to approach each project of every scale, detail, and genre, from single-camera studio interviews to multi-camera commercial shoots and other events. Whether you need a digital marketing strategy to launch a new product, promote your image, communicate your vision, or simply produce a video to share your story, we are here to offer ideas that will help you succeed.

  • Production Management
  • Cast/Crew
  • Background Talent
  • Equipment
  • Location Services
  • Makeup/Wardrobe
  • Sets/Props
  • Film/Video/Photography
  • Catering/Craft Services
  • Behind‐The‐Scenes
  • EPK Production


We are proud to work with some of the best post-production professionals in the digital marketing industry. Our photographers, event videographers, creative directors, editors, artists and animators all eat, sleep, and breathe post-production. We are passionate about every assignment. We offer a full host of post-production services including video editing, visual effects, sound design, and color correction. We utilize all the latest videography software tools: Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Maya, Nuke, After Effects, and Cinema 4D. We are committed to providing the highest-possible quality films while providing a fresh approach and concept to capturing events such as weddings, corporate events, and other important moments.

  • Editing
  • Color Correction
  • Animation
  • Digital Effects
  • Voiceover recording
  • Compositing
  • Titles/Motion Graphics
  • Music Composition
  • Sound/ Audio Design
  • DVD Authoring

Types of Videos

  • CG Animation
  • Films
  • Character Animation
  • Corporate Videos
  • Event Filming
  • Executive Interviews
  • Fashion Shows
  • Graduation Videos
  • Infomercials
  • Company Production
  • Motion Graphics
  • Product Demos
  • Promotional Videos
  • Teaser Videos
  • Trailers
  • Training or Educational Videos
  • Viral Videos
  • Wedding Videos

Why Use Online Video?

More and more, videos are becoming the primary way of communicating online. Producing corporate videos is a terrific way to showcase your products, services and key members of your company. The use of working video on your site and as a marketing tool on other sites (including the hugely popular YouTube) is a great way to publicize your corporate image and to enhance your company’s presence on search engines. In fact, video click-through rates are far higher than image display ads, and websites that provide company videos on their site tend to have a higher rate of repeat visitors.

Grafdom provides the means to get any video format on your website. We optimize videos for streaming capabilities and quicker download times. Social share features that could help content go viral may be implemented so viewers can share videos and create more attention for the brand and client website. Online videos have become a worthwhile investment lately as production costs have decreased drastically through the years.

Why Choose Grafdom?

Grafdom is an industry acclaimed video production company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that works with agencies, government departments, and brands to create videos designed to inspire and connect with the audience through clear storytelling.

With 15 years of experience in the business, we understand what our clients need – from professional video content to personal branding and digital marketing. Grafdom provides production services to a wide variety of industries including hospitality, restaurants, schools, education, real estate, banking and automobiles.

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