Grafdom expands its R&D capabilities with the establishment of Dubai lab

Dubai, UAE, January 5, 2009 – Grafdom, the leading software development & outsourcing provider, has announced the establishment of an R&D lab in Dubai to pursue the development of advanced technologies and web 2.0 applications.

The lab will work on new technologies, online web 2.0 tools, and mobile applications to serve clients' upcoming needs and help strengthen their competitive advantage within their industry. In addition, Grafdom will collaborate with computer scientists, engineers, and educational institutions to deliver on joint research and academic projects.

“A globally positioned R&D network will enable Grafdom to access diverse talents and collaborate to develop revolutionary technologies for its customers. The Middle East's high growth, emerging economic opportunities, and depth of technology talent make it an ideal location to expand,” said Director of Operations, Farid Gasim.

The lab is expected to lead research efforts that will result in significant contributions over the next few years with greater technological and mobile integration. It has commenced recruitment of specific tech professionals with expertise in fields including computer science, web 2.0 designing, optimization, statistics, and mobile programming.

“It's important for Grafdom to be a part of the UAE's growing economy and contribute with its technological expertise to the development of cutting-edge applications and user-empowering solutions,” he said.