Grafdom helps 147 companies migrate

Dubai, May 18, 2009 – Grafdom has extended its expertise to companies to migrate from their current servers to more stable platforms.

Now customers and Business Partners can take advantage of the enhanced software applications that are to develop and deploy secure platforms while providing flexible components as business needs alter.

IT firms from the UAE & Qatar have initiated a migration process in synergy with Grafdom to enable its corporate clients to make an efficient transition of their server and web hosting applications. Since the beginning of the year, Grafdom has worked proactively and coordinated with several competitors who have either closed down or are outsourcing certain aspects of their business to minimize overheads and ensure continuity. Grafdom has the expertise to quickly and seamlessly migrate e-business applications and infrastructure from one environment to another.

“In current market conditions, it is vital for business owners to review their operations and strategically align corporate objectives with prevailing trends,” said Farid Gasim Director of Operations, Grafdom. “Our competitor alliance initiative facilitates the opportunity for these firms to retain valuable in-house resources, outsource non-core lines of business, and ultimately guarantee stability to its clientele. It is a great incentive to help companies leverage our experience and value.”

Grafdom Enterprise Hosting offers businesses a high-performance, ready-to-run operations environment specifically designed for business-critical Web sites, enterprise applications, and secure Web Portals. Grafdom's comprehensive service platform provides Information Technology (IT) departments with extraordinary agility and cost advantages while leveraging the company’s economies of scale, skill, and highly automated management and monitoring infrastructure.

To further assist companies in making a smooth and rapid transition, Grafdom is expanding its customer service team and offering training sessions to its new clients on its state-of-the-art server solutions and user modules. All Grafdom hosting solutions are supported by unrivaled reach, performance, and reliability.

IT companies or corporate clients interested in making the transition can coordinate with Grafdom's Business Development team in Dubai.