Grafdom Celebrates 10 Years of Digital Success Infographic

Grafdom Celebrates 10 Years of Digital Success InfographicGrafdom, one of the leading digital media agencies in the Middle East is celebrating its ten-year anniversary of operations. Since its founding in September 2005, the Dubai headquartered company has achieved remarkable industry acclaim over its decade-long track record.

A decade of experience has transformed Grafdom from a new venture with big ambitions into a successful digital agency that leading brands, government departments, NGOs and entrepreneurs rely on for solutions that add value and offer a level of reliability that is unmatched.

“We are grateful to all our clients, partners, and most of all our outstanding team for being a part of this journey,” said Farid Gasim, Director of Operations. “Our client's success is, and will continue to be our success. This milestone is a testament to Grafdom’s commitment to innovation, long-term partnerships, and business integrity. We look forward to another decade of emerging opportunities and new relationships.”

Today Grafdom has become a leading name with operations in 4 cities, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Toronto, and Baku. The team at Grafdom has continued the pursuit of delivering cutting-edge solutions in digital media with award-winning website designs, viral social media campaigns, and interactive mobile apps.

As Grafdom paves the way to the future, it pledges to continue its innovation-driven growth aspirations and to remain a trusted advisor to clients, partners, and the many humanitarian causes that it supports.

About the company

Founded in 2005, Grafdom is one of the leading digital media agencies in the Middle East with expertise in Web Design, Social Media Marketing, and mobile Apps. The agency designs dynamic websites, manages viral social media campaigns for Top 100 Brands, develops mobile apps, and provides robust hosting solutions to some of the most recognized names in the region. As an industry pioneer in digital marketing, the company has had the opportunity to work with various government agencies, multinational corporations, and SMEs. Grafdom is also renowned for its ownership of highly influential community sites, such as Edarabia and Medarabia.

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grafdom-celebrates-10-years-of-digital-success Infographic

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