8 Essential Photography Tips for Beginners

Photography may seem like an easy feat at first. But if you're a beginner, it's easy to miss small factors that actually play a huge role in how your photos turn out.

Our guide features 8 tips that every beginner should take into consideration. While cleaning your lens may seem like an obvious task to tick off, it's easy to forget! Learn how to master the art of photography with our infographic!

8 Essential Photography Tips:

1. Stay Close to Your Object
Physically move closer to your subject or object, rather than using your zoom, in order to take better photos without affecting the quality of your photo.

2. Use External Light Sources
In any setting, lighting can be uneven. Making use of an external light source will help balance the lighting and prevent any dullness.

3. Keep Batteries Charged
Make sure your batteries are always charged! This will prevent halted photoshoots. You can also keep spare batteries on hand.

4. Use the Rule of Thirds
Sticking to the rule of thirds will help you compose your photo to perfection.

5. Clean Your Lens
A smudged or dusty lens would give you blurry photos, so make sure you clean your lens regularly.

6. Explore Your Camera’s Settings
Experimenting with the different modes on your camera will help you choose the right setting or mode for different photos and will ultimately let you take perfect photos.

7. Use a Tripod
Using a tripod helps with the stability of your photos and enables you to take sharper photos!

8. Practice
As they say, practice makes perfect. Practicing constantly will make you a better photographer in time!

essential photography tips for beginners

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