10 Top Apps for Healthy Eating

Tough as it may sound, eating healthy coupled with exercise is the most effective way to lose weight. With the help of right apps, you can easily prepare your own food and keep track of your diet. Time to put your smartphones and tablets to work and try out these apps from Android and Apple:

1. Fooducate (Android, Apple iPhone (free – $9.99, depending on version)

This app scans the bar code of the food product and display its total calorie content (fat, sodium, etc.) It also has its own healthy scoring system which gauges how healthy a specific food is. Definitely a handy app to bring to the grocery.

2. Harvest App (Apple iPhone ($1.99)

Find fresh, ripe fruits with this app. The app provides a directory of tips in identifying more than a hundred ripe edibles grown from trees, ground, or vines. The app also gives useful storage tips like not washing strawberries until you're ready to eat them.

3. Seafood Watch From the Monterey Bay Aquarium (Android, Apple iPhone (free)

Love seafood? This app provides a list of restaurants that serve not just plain seafood but sustainable seafood.

4. Substitutions (Apple iPhone and iPad ($0.99)

Want to avoid sweets? This app gives you alternative for food you wish to avoid. It suggests ingredients which you can swap while cooking something, and even provide an alternative to a missing ingredient.

5. True Food (Android, Apple iPhone and iPad (free)

Fact: 70% of all packaged foods on the supermarket have genetically modified ingredients (GMI). GMIs may be harmful to health. True Food lists green food without GMIs, as well as red foods (with GMIs). Through this app, you can also locate stores that do not carry products with GMIs.

6. Locavore (Android, Apple iPhone (free)

Find local produce and in-season food at farmers markets, farm stands and groceries. This app has an embedded Facebook interface which lets you share your discovery directly on the social media site with your friends.

7. Allergy Guard (Apple iPhone ($0.99)

Before you serve your family or your friends some food, find out ingredients which triggers them an allergic reaction. It's a directory of almost 2 thousand common foods and its ingredients. Good thing about this app is that it downloads data directly to your phone so you can use it even without data.

8. Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal (Android, BlackBerry, Apple iPhone and iPad (free)

Aside from healthy eating and exercise, your friends supporting and encouraging you is also a huge factor. This app not only tells you what and what not to eat, but also lets you set fitness goals. There's a built in social network that lets you connect with others who can encourage you.

9. Is That Gluten Free? (Apple iPhone and iPad ($7.99)

Though it's a bit pricey, it works best especially for people with celiac disease or seriously ill. It lists nearly 16,000 items, which are searchable by name or by category. Users can add their own items and the company will then verify the information if it's gluten free or not, as the name suggests.

10. Superfoods (Apple iPhone, iPad (free)

Superfoods are nutritional foods that can immediately boost our immune system and memory. This app serves as a guidebook for healthful eating helps you make smart shopping purchases.