15 UAE Fitness Influencers on Instagram

In the heart of the fitness frenzy sweeping the United Arab Emirates, the power of online connectivity has ignited an unparalleled craze for well-being, magnified by the pervasive reach of social media. This surge in digital accessibility has unshackled fitness aficionados, ushering them into a realm where exercise enlightenment is just a click away. YouTube spills over with invigorating workout routines, while ingenious health apps cater to every facet of wellness, converging to redefine fitness accessibility. Amid this digital whirlwind, Instagram has emerged as the epicenter of this paradigm shift, with fitness luminaries channeling their expertise through captivating posts, kindling motivation, and nurturing their followers’ growth.

Amid the virtual tapestry of fitness guidance, these top 15 Instagram accounts stand as beacons of inspiration, illuminating the path to better health with each post. Here, a scroll unveils a world where comprehensive workout insights, nutritional guidance, and mental fortitude meld seamlessly to fuel personal metamorphosis. Be it intense cardio drills, muscle chiseling revelations, or mindfulness techniques, these fitness virtuosos craft a haven of wellness entwined with technology, forging a community where aspirations are cultivated, milestones are achieved, and the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle is relentlessly championed. As you navigate this digital arena, let these 15 guides chart your course, steering you toward a holistic well-being odyssey where the boundaries of fitness are reimagined and redrawn.

1. Jessica Olie


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Introducing Jessica Olie, a Dubai-based South African influencer who seamlessly merges her background as a competitive swimmer with her passion for yoga, creating a captivating Instagram account that resonates with both seasoned yogis and beginners. Jessica’s feed is a vibrant tapestry of yoga-centric content, exuding authenticity and inclusivity, and offering a gateway for newcomers to explore and embrace yoga. Through her unique blend of athleticism and grace, she demystifies the world of yoga, sharing gentle poses that enhance flexibility and mindful breathing techniques, inviting followers on a transformative journey of self-discovery. In the bustling digital fitness landscape, Jessica Olie’s Instagram presence shines as a guiding light, bridging the gap between competitive sports and serene yoga practice, and inspiring individuals to embark on a path of holistic well-being and inner strength.

2. Dina Ghandour


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Introducing Dina Ghandour, a trailblazing Palestinian entrepreneur based in Dubai, at the helm of the celebrated yApparel – the Yoga Specialist shop. Her impactful Instagram presence seamlessly blends a fervent advocacy for daily yoga practice with a curated showcase of essential athletic and yoga wear, available through her visionary yApparel venture. Beyond promoting holistic well-being, Dina’s platform resonates with both yoga enthusiasts and fashion aficionados, highlighting the transformative power of yoga while offering a stylish range of athleisure seamlessly transitioning from the mat to everyday life. Her account encapsulates a harmonious convergence of wellness, style, and business prowess, making Dina Ghandour a true influencer and innovator in the dynamic landscape of fitness and fashion.

3. Omar al-Duri


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A post shared by Omar Al Duri 🇦🇪 (@omaralduri)

Meet Omar al-Duri, an exceptional fitness enthusiast hailing from a diverse heritage of Iraqi and Saudi origins, now making waves in the vibrant landscape of the United Arab Emirates. Recognized for his remarkable achievements, Omar stands as an award-winning personal trainer, coach, nutritionist, and influential fitness contributor. A trailblazer in the realm of wellness, he has established the esteemed Platform 3 Fitness Center nestled in Dubai Marina, a hub of transformation where his expertise has guided not only celebrities but also a myriad of clients seeking their fitness zenith. Omar al-Duri’s journey showcases a unique blend of cultural influences and unwavering dedication to physical well-being, as he continues to shape the fitness narrative in the UAE with his unparalleled passion and commitment to holistic health.

4. Maha

Maha, is a spirited Lebanese trailblazer whose heart finds its rhythm in the thrill of rock climbing, the power of strength training, and the captivating artistry of dance. With an unwavering dedication to her pursuits, Maha’s essence is encapsulated by her mantra – “Firecracker” – a rallying cry for audacious, resilient, and adventurous women. Hailing from a diverse array of activities, her journey is an embodiment of fearlessness and unbridled passion, as she scales heights, embraces the weight room, and dances to her tune. Maha’s story is a vivid tapestry that champions both physical prowess and an unrestrained spirit, serving as an inspiration for a community of women who revel in their boldness, redefine toughness, and savor the excitement of life.

5. Anita Joubert


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Discover Anita Joubert, a prominent figure in the realm of international fitness and a celebrated cover model, whose multifaceted expertise extends to nutrition and personal training. Delving into her dynamic Instagram account, one encounters a treasure trove of meticulously crafted exercises, cutting-edge techniques, and a resounding emphasis on the vital significance of nourishing one’s body with wholesome foods. With an illustrious track record, Anita stands as the triumphant victor of the esteemed European World Bodybuilding Fitness and Fashion Pro Championship, a testament to her prowess in sculpting both body and mind. Through her digital presence, Anita not only inspires and educates with her fitness acumen but also underscores the art of holistic wellness through mindful nutrition, guiding her followers towards a harmonious fusion of physical prowess and nourishment, elevating the standards of fitness and health to extraordinary heights.

6. Anita Joubert


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A post shared by Salma Magdy (@salmamagdy_)

Salma Magdy is a dedicated gym enthusiast whose passion for fitness radiates through her daily motivational posts, replete with invaluable tips and tricks that ignite a fire of inspiration within her followers, propelling them toward their workout goals. With an unswerving commitment to her craft, Salma’s Instagram account serves as a virtual wellspring of empowerment, a sanctuary where her self-professed “gymaholic” identity takes center stage. Through her engaging content, she not only imparts practical wisdom but also cultivates a sense of camaraderie, guiding her audience toward a more active and healthier lifestyle. Salma Magdy’s digital presence is a testament to her dedication, an embodiment of the ethos that fuels her, and a beacon of unwavering motivation, encouraging individuals to embark on their fitness journeys with enthusiasm and tenacity, ultimately redefining the boundaries of their physical capabilities.

7. Omar Nour


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A post shared by Omar Nour (@omarnour)

Embark on an inspiring journey with Omar Nour, a living testament to transformation and resilience. From tipping the scales at 105 kg several years ago, he emerged as a beacon of change, shedding unhealthy habits to pave the path toward a remarkable metamorphosis. The turning point arrived in 2007 when he embarked on his inaugural triathlon training, a monumental step that marked the beginning of his odyssey. Swiftly rising through the ranks, Omar transitioned into a professional triathlete by 2010, etching his name into the annals of athleticism. Today, his journey is emblematic of unwavering dedication and unwavering spirit, crowned by his ambassadorship with Daman Activelife and his fervent aspiration to grace the global stage as an Olympic contender. Omar Nour’s saga resonates as an embodiment of the human capacity to evolve, rewrite destinies, and conquer monumental challenges, carving an indelible path for others to tread.

8. Tarryn Hoffman


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A post shared by Tarryn Miccoli (@healthyhoffy)

Meet Tarryn Hoffman, a dedicated fitness advocate rooted in the vibrant landscape of Abu Dhabi. Through her compelling Instagram presence, Tarryn emerges as a catalyst for positive change, passionately inspiring others to embrace an active lifestyle and embark on a transformative journey toward improved well-being. Her digital realm serves as a canvas where she artfully weaves together a tapestry of motivation, seamlessly intertwining nourishing culinary delights with dynamic weight-lifting showcases. With each post, Tarryn imparts a potent blend of guidance and encouragement, setting the stage for her followers to wholeheartedly adopt healthier choices and integrate movement into their daily routines. A virtual must-follow, Tarryn Hoffman’s account resonates as a source of unwavering inspiration, radiating the message that embracing fitness and wellness is a gratifying voyage towards a more vibrant and balanced life.

9. Inger Houghton


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Introducing Inger Houghton, a distinguished nutritionist and personal trainer who has established her base in the dynamic city of Dubai. As a driving force behind Scandinavian Health & Performance, Inger brings a wealth of expertise to her role. Armed with a nutritionist degree from the prestigious University of Stockholm and a personal trainer qualification from the esteemed Academy for Personal Training in Oslo, Norway, Inger embodies a fusion of knowledge and practical skills that positions her as a trailblazer in the realm of health and fitness. With her profound understanding of nutrition and her prowess in guiding individuals on their fitness journey, Inger is a beacon of transformation, a pillar of support, and an invaluable resource for those seeking to optimize their well-being and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

10. NesaRassouli


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Enter the realm of Nesa Rassouli, a dedicated full-time student and a dynamic Calisthenics instructor at Fit Inc. With an Instagram feed that is a visual delight, Nesa’s profile boasts a mesmerizing array of aesthetically pleasing yoga poses, showcasing her remarkable flexibility and poise. Beyond the captivating postures, her account is a canvas for inspiration, adorned with stylish ensembles that seamlessly blend fashion and fitness. Through meticulously crafted videos, Nesa takes her audience on a journey of her unwavering commitment to strength enhancement, documenting her remarkable progress and evolution. A true embodiment of dedication and growth, Nesa Rassouli’s Instagram presence encapsulates the essence of resilience, presenting a captivating narrative of a student and fitness enthusiast continually pushing boundaries and embracing the transformative power of calisthenics.

11. Adam Fulat


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Meet Adam Fulat, a formidable powerlifter and the charismatic brand ambassador of Taqado and Sporter.com. On his engaging Instagram platform, Adam opens a window into his world, sharing invigorating workout routines that serve as a wellspring of inspiration for fitness enthusiasts. Beyond the physical feats, Adam’s unique approach shines through as he actively interacts with his audience, responding to workout queries and offering insights that foster a sense of camaraderie. As a source of unyielding motivation, his Instagram account is a haven where followers can tap into the well of energy and inner drive, propelling them to overcome challenges and embrace their inner boss. For those seeking an infusion of stamina and a reservoir of determination, a journey through Adam Fulat’s Instagram is an indispensable exploration into the realm of powerlifting prowess and unrelenting empowerment.

12. Nadine du Toit


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Dive into the vibrant world of Nadine du Toit, a prominent figure in Dubai’s Instagram fitspiration community. Her captivating journey unfolds through her account, offering a glimpse into her multifaceted pursuits that span windsurfing, running, and even golfing. Nadine’s digital presence serves as a testament to her dynamic lifestyle, a harmonious blend of thrilling activities that celebrate the spirit of adventure and wellness. With each post, she invites her audience to join her on a captivating journey, revealing the boundless possibilities that arise when one embraces an active and varied way of life. As an embodiment of determination and versatility, Nadine du Toit’s Instagram account is a beacon of inspiration, encouraging others to step outside their comfort zones and explore the realm of fitness and adventure right here in Dubai.

13. Nabeel Merchant

Discover the dynamic world of Nabeel Merchant, the visionary founder behind Parkour Dubai and a trailblazing calisthenics instructor renowned for his inventive and exhilarating workout routines. His Instagram presence is a captivating mosaic that weaves together a tapestry of creativity and fitness, as he showcases not only outlandish video stills and captivating photos but also tantalizing food shots that epitomize holistic well-being. Nabeel’s influence extends beyond workouts, as he effortlessly integrates contemporary and trendy styles into his fitness attire, embodying a fusion of fashion and function. With each post, Nabeel Merchant invites his audience to embark on a journey of innovation and enjoyment, redefining the boundaries of fitness while embracing a modern and dynamic approach. As a driving force in the fitness landscape, his Instagram account encapsulates his boundless energy, creativity, and commitment to fostering a vibrant and holistic fitness culture that resonates far beyond Parkour Dubai.

14. GbemiGiwa


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Step into the world of Gbemi Giwa, a captivating Thigrammer whose account is a delightful blend of invigorating workout shots and a gastronomic journey through Dubai’s top restaurants. Gbemi’s Instagram presence is a vivid canvas that not only showcases her dedication to fitness but also unveils a culinary odyssey, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the city’s culinary scene. Beyond her restaurant explorations, Gbemi extends her influence by generously sharing her culinary expertise, guiding her followers through the art of crafting delectable dishes and enticing snacks within the comfort of their homes. With each post, Gbemi Giwa provides an immersive experience that embraces the realms of wellness and gastronomy, inviting her audience to indulge in the pleasures of both invigorating workouts and mouthwatering culinary delights. As a true connoisseur of both worlds, Gbemi’s Thigrammer account serves as a source of inspiration and empowerment, offering a harmonious fusion of fitness and gastronomy that captivates the senses and enriches the journey toward holistic well-being.

15. Suzanne Cork

Meet Suzanne Cork, a dynamic individual who wears multiple wellness hats as a nutritionist and a skilled yoga instructor. Her Instagram feed is a delectable treasure trove, brimming with culinary delights that not only tantalize the taste buds but also nourish the body. With a keen eye for crafting meals that harmonize with your well-being, Suzanne’s posts are a delightful fusion of flavors and nutrition, offering a glimpse into the world of delicious food that truly nurtures. Beyond her culinary prowess, Suzanne brings the tranquility of yoga to her digital realm, seamlessly intertwining her passion for both disciplines. Her account is a haven where wholesome sustenance and mindful movement converge, inviting followers to embrace a holistic lifestyle that embraces the nourishment of both body and soul. In Suzanne Cork’s Instagram realm, delectable nutrition and serene yoga come together, offering an immersive experience that guides you on a journey of wellness and balance.