Top 5 UAE Influencers Taking Social Media by Storm

Social media usage has become pervasive in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with over half of the population active on various platforms. For successful marketing campaigns, leveraging social media is essential, and social media influencers have emerged as a driving force in the world of marketing.

These influencers capitalize on their authentic and extensive reach to create buzz around brands and products. With a large and engaged following, they have the power to shape trends and influence consumer behavior. Here are five of the top UAE influencers who are dominating the online scene:

Huda Kattan

Huda Kattan is a renowned social media influencer in the Middle East with a staggering 53.2 million followers and subscribers across her platforms. Her focus on beauty and makeup content has earned her immense popularity. As the founder of Huda Beauty, a Dubai-based cosmetics brand, Huda shares skincare routines, makeup tips, and messages of self-love with her followers.

Joelle Mardinian

Joelle Mardinian is a versatile influencer known for her roles as a TV host, entrepreneur, and makeup artist. With over 21.4 million Instagram followers and 251,000 YouTube subscribers, Joelle is a prominent figure in the UAE. Her makeup tutorials and beauty advice, coupled with her role as the founder of the Joelle Group beauty empire, make her an inspiration to thousands of Emirati women.

Taim Alfalasi

With a communication degree from Zayed University, Taim Alfalasi has earned a reputation as one of the most influential Instagrammers in the UAE. Her travel, lifestyle, and food blogs have garnered a significant following of over 4.5 million. Taim also hosts an online radio talk show that is widely popular in the Arab world. She frequently promotes travel destinations, gourmet food restaurants, and fashion items to her engaged audience.

Abdulaziz Baz

Known for his humor and pranks, Abdulaziz Baz, also known as Bin Baz, is a beloved influencer with over 5.1 million followers. His funny and friendly nature has earned him sponsorships with high-profile companies in the automotive, tech, and perfume industries. His entertaining videos and images offer a unique glimpse into life in the UAE.


Mohamed Beiraghdary, popularly known as MoVlogs, has gained fame for his lifestyle and luxury car vlogs. As a Dubai-based Iranian influencer, MoVlogs showcases the lavish lifestyle and luxury cars, attracting over 4.4 million Instagram followers and 11.3 million YouTube subscribers. His engaging vlogs have amassed a staggering 980 million overall views, making him one of the most viewed independent vloggers in the UAE. His YoYo squad, consisting mainly of automotive enthusiasts, contributes to his social media success.

In conclusion, these five UAE influencers are making a significant impact on social media and have become influential figures in the marketing world. Collaborating with these influencers can amplify your brand’s reach and increase engagement with your target audience. As social media continues to play a pivotal role in marketing, partnering with credible and authentic influencers can bolster your marketing efforts and drive sales.