5 Perfect App Companions for FIFA World Cup

FIFA fever is here! There is definitely no need to fly to Brazil when you can have exclusive gate pass to the World Cup at your fingertips. Don't miss out on the latest updates with your favorite team or player and stay connected with fellow fans through these amazing mobile apps.

1. FIFA Official (iOS, Android)

This app is complete with profiles of every team, player, and coach. It provides a live blog for stream of updates and tournament photos. Fans can also cast their votes on "Man of the Match" and play games.

2. The Score (iOS, Android)

Looking for a one-stop shop for all the latest updates on FIFA? theScore lets you follow your favorite teams and players with a constantly updated stream. Enjoy real-time game and score updates, plus, you can see how goals are scored.

3. FIFA '14 (iOS, Android)

Are you a fan of FIFA series for Xbox and Playstation? The latest World Cup iOS, FIFA '14 is tailor made for you. Players can compete with their own teams and also create their own fantasy team. You can challenge your friends to play a game with you because of its multiplayer mode.

4. ESPN FC Soccer & World Cup (iOS, Android)

Want in-depth analysis from sport experts? ESPN FC Soccer  World Cup lets you follow your favorite tea and customize detailed alerts. You can see team stats and game substitutions. App users from the United States can have access to video highlights.

5. Onefootball Brasil (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

Get live updates from on and off the field! You can listen to live commentary and chat with fellow fans on Facebook. Just set up your facebook account and you can also gain access to both pre and post game press conferences, interviews and analysis.