8 Famous Photographers Worth Following on Instagram

Nowadays, Instagram is not only for food and fashion enthusiasts.

The app has helped many people become their own professional photographers with the aid of filters, coming up with endless photo ideas, angles, and perspectives with a standard, box frame. Instagram became a venue for photographers to get known for artistic snapshots. Here are some of the most famous photographers who are worth the follow:

1. Hank Willis Thomas

Hank Willis Thomas' is a self-described photo conceptual artist whose work has been featured in a laundry list of museums, from the Guggenheim to the Whitney to the Museum of Modern Art. His work centers on race and cultural identity.

2. Ellen Von Unwerth (@ELLENVONUNWERTH)

Ellen's account is all about pop culture and fashion. She's known for great snaps of hollywood stars like Drew Barrymore and Kim Kardashian.


This famous British photographer has done editorial work for fashion mags such as Vogue and W, and has shot campaigns for brands including Alexander McQueen, Calvin Klein and Dior.


She's a famous National Geographic photographer since the '700s. Ira Block's Instagram feed is a photographic journey into the colorful halls of Mexico, the streets of New York City and the waters of Thailand.

5. Jonathan Mannion (@JONATHANMANNION )

He snapped Biggie, Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne - some of the most famous hip hop icons, and shot the cover of Jay Z's album Reasonable Doubt, which Jay personally considers his best album.

6. Pete Souza (@PETESOUZA)

Since 2008, he's been the chief official White House photographer for President Barack Obama. From the White House and beyond, Souza's Insta feed is full of political snapshots.

7. Ami Vitale (@AMIVITALE)

Ami Vitale has traveled to more than 85 countries and her instagram feed is full of nothing but wanderlust. Her work focuses on different cultures around the world, has been featured in magazines such as National Geographic and Time.

8. Brad Elterman (@BRADELTERMAN )

Brad Elterman is the man for the rock 'n' roll music scene since the '70s. His most famous photos include the Runaways, the Sex Pistols, David Bowie, the Who, the Ramones and more.