Grafdom launches new campaign management tools in the Middle East

Enhancements to Grafdom Ad Center Functionality Provide Advertisers Greater Control of Ads and Spend.

Grafdom, the leading independent Performance Marketing Network in the Middle East, today announced it has launched a comprehensive set of campaign management tools that are located in Grafdom Ad Center.

“By simplifying the management of ad listings within groups, automating scheduling, and tightening the budgeting process, we believe Grafdom is helping firms save time and money,” said Paul Pearce, Vice President of Interactive Marketing. “Grafdom is leveraging our investment in technology initiatives, and this launch marks a major milestone to our set of advertiser solutions, a considerable achievement in the performance advertising industry.”

The new tools are designed to provide advertisers greater control over the management of their advertisements and spending by allowing them to group ad listings together into campaigns and then apply schedules and budgets to those campaigns. Coupled with improved functionality, enhanced inline reporting capabilities have been added to allow advertisers to track campaigns, improve their decisions around ad management, and ultimately increase ROI.

About Grafdom

Grafdom is strategically positioned to pioneer the IT and web industry and further build compelling synergies with business partners. It strives to spur revolutionary concepts of web modules, graphic design, and e-commerce. Grafdom has grown exponentially since its early days, supplementing 3D animation design and print media to its line of corporate services. The company empowers businesses to expand into seamless online platforms and fortify their envisioned brands globally.