15 Beauty & Fashion Influencers in Dubai (Social Media)

In the realm of consumer dynamics, recent research has unveiled a compelling connection between purchasing patterns and social media. Analyzing the shopping habits of 7,000 individuals reveals an astonishing trend: a remarkable 75% of luxury purchases, even those occurring in physical stores, are profoundly influenced by the online sphere. This omnipresent digital stimulus—encompassing visuals, experiences, and sounds—sharply molds and guides the preferences of discerning buyers, ushering in an era of unprecedented consumer influence.

For fashion enthusiasts seeking the vanguard of style, Dubai’s vibrant Instagram community offers a trove of insights. As a global epicenter of haute couture and glamour, the city boasts an array of fashion and beauty influencers who reign over the digital realm. Often doubling as lifestyle bloggers, these virtual luminaries adeptly capture the pulse of the latest trends in fashion and beauty. With unwavering dedication, they distill the essence of the ever-evolving fashion landscape, delivering precise accounts that empower followers to curate their personal style narratives.

Whether it’s the quest for voguish attire or exploration of avant-garde beauty aesthetics, these Instagram superstars wield transformative influence. Their posts and stories weave a tapestry of inspiration, threading innovation and elegance. As Dubai’s fashion and beauty influencers orchestrate an online symphony of style, the sartorially inclined are invited to partake in a harmonious blend of aspiration and authenticity, all within the scroll of a screen. In this era where a mere click can define a trend, these digital trendsetters emerge as custodians of style, bridging aspiration and acquisition. The virtual melds seamlessly with the physical, as luxury finds genesis in pixels, and pixels pave the way to luxury. The resonance is undeniable—social media’s impact echoes through shopping aisles, encapsulating a symbiotic relationship that propels the fashion and beauty industries forward.

1. Huda Beauty


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Discover a treasure trove of beauty insights at Huda Beauty, where a plethora of product reviews await your exploration. A distinguished award-winning blogger and a Hollywood-trained celebrity make-up artist, she calls Dubai home. Embarking on her blogging journey in 2010, she swiftly captivated the hearts of countless beauty and fashion enthusiasts within a mere three years.

Explore a dimension of Huda Beauty, where her skilled finesse and perceptive gaze merge to unveil unparalleled beauty revelations. With accolades adorning her name, this Dubai-based influencer seamlessly combines her Hollywood-honed makeup artistry with her passion for blogging. Since her debut in 2010, she has deftly woven a tapestry of beauty and fashion insights that resonate with aficionados worldwide. Experience the allure of Huda Beauty, where each review and revelation adds a stroke of brilliance to your beauty and fashion repertoire.

2. Styledrifter

Step into the world of STYLE DRIFTER, a captivating online platform curated by Teresa Karpinska, an accomplished fashion stylist hailing from Sweden and now a resident of Dubai. This site serves as a captivating showcase of Teresa’s stylistic portfolio, intricately weaving her artistic flair with her cosmopolitan experiences. A harmonious fusion of elegance and innovation, STYLE DRIFTER emanates a distinct aura that resonates with fashion aficionados globally, leaving an indelible mark on the sartorial landscape.

Embark on a journey of sartorial exploration as you navigate through STYLE DRIFTER, a digital haven meticulously curated by Teresa Karpinska. This dynamic fashion stylist, who has seamlessly transcended her Swedish roots to embrace the vibrant essence of Dubai, unveils her eclectic portfolio and a captivating fashion and lifestyle blog, formerly known as canyandcookie.com. Immerse yourself in her world where each click unfurls a tapestry of style, insight, and inspiration. Discover the seamless synergy of cultures and creativity as STYLE DRIFTER invites you to partake in a truly unique and engaging fashion odyssey.

3. Shoestova

Step into the enchanting realm of Shoestova, a digital haven curated by Natalia Shostova, a multifaceted fashion connoisseur whose influence extends across fashion consultancy, digital influencing, ambassadorship, styling, creative direction, and even law, all flourishing in the vibrant heart of Dubai. Hailing originally from Belarus, Natalia has emerged as an esteemed fashion icon, captivating the city’s gaze and igniting inspiration among countless women. Her unparalleled journey resonates with aspiration, making her a guiding light for those seeking to explore the realms of style and sophistication. At the core of Shoestova lies Natalia Shostova’s captivating fashion and lifestyle blog, an intricate tapestry where the latest trends, beauty revelations, and enchanting travel destinations seamlessly intertwine.

Delve into the captivating universe of Natalia Shostova’s Shoestova, an embodiment of diverse expertise and creative vision. A true luminary whose influence encompasses multiple facets, from legal prowess to fashion curation, she has woven an inspiring narrative within Dubai’s fashion tapestry. Natalia’s journey from Belarus to Dubai epitomizes an odyssey of style, and her revered status as a fashion icon fuels the aspirations of numerous women. Central to the allure of Shoestova is Natalia’s evocative blog, a space where the latest trends, beauty insights, and wanderlust-worthy travel escapades converge, inviting readers to embark on a transformative voyage of elegance and exploration.

4. Aiisha


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Meet the visionary force behind the name AIISHA RAMADAN, an acclaimed Lebanese fashion luminary who has found her creative haven in the United Arab Emirates. Since the inception of her eponymous clothing brand AIISHA in 2006, her artistic flair has reverberated across runways and closets alike. Notable accolades, including the coveted Swarovski Young Designer of the Year award, have adorned her journey, solidifying her stature as a trailblazing trendsetter. The echoes of her influence reach beyond the fashion realm, as she earned a spot among the 30 Most Awesome Women in the Arab World according to Arabian Woman Magazine in 2009 and triumphed at The Gr8! Women Achiever Awards in 2011. Global giants spanning beauty and technology sectors have forged partnerships with this visionary designer, a testament to her international acclaim and influence as a leading female figure from the Middle East.

Step into the captivating universe of AIISHA RAMADAN, a Lebanese virtuoso who has woven her distinctive tapestry of style from the heart of the United Arab Emirates. Her indelible mark, imprinted through the birth of her own brand AIISHA in 2006, illuminates fashion stages and resonates with style enthusiasts worldwide. Triumphs have been her companions, with honors like the Swarovski Young Designer of the Year award gracing her path. The pages of Arabian Woman Magazine and The Gr8! Women Achiever Awards have etched her name, underscoring her presence among the Arab world’s most awe-inspiring women. Across diverse domains, from beauty to technology, renowned global brands have sought her collaborative genius, attesting to her stature as an iconic influencer emanating from the heart of the Middle East.

5. Sand in The City


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Embark on a captivating journey into the heart of Dubai’s fashion landscape with Sand In The City, an independent street-style photography blog that serves as a captivating visual chronicle. Rooted in a deep-seated passion for observation and exploration, this unique platform is a testament to the artistry of capturing life’s vibrant moments through the lens. Inspired by similar global ventures, the blog was born out of a desire to unveil the sartorial expressions of Dubai’s residents, showcasing how they uniquely adorn themselves. What began as a quest to find solace during the scorching Dubai summer metamorphosed into an unforeseen adventure, as the blog’s evolution became an intricate tapestry of discovery and creativity.

From its inception in 2012, Sand In The City has organically flourished, blossoming into a dynamic project that has weathered challenges, including a hacking incident, only to emerge stronger, reinvigorated, and revitalized. Today, this platform stands as a beacon of inspiration, having evolved into a preeminent online destination for street fashion photography in Dubai. The artistry behind each snapshot captures the spirit of the city’s diverse fashion tapestry, making Sand In The City an indispensable resource that celebrates individuality and style through the lens of Dubai’s streets.

6. Latifa Al Shamsi


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Meet Latifa Al Shamsi, a captivating force in the realms of fashion, food, and travel blogging, who calls Dubai her creative haven. With an innate flair for capturing the essence of diverse experiences, Latifa has etched her name as a prominent figure in the digital landscape. The visionary mind behind her eponymous brand, Latifa Al Shamsi, crafts a narrative that seamlessly weaves together style, culinary delights, and global wanderlust.

A true embodiment of Dubai’s cosmopolitan spirit, Latifa Al Shamsi is a multi-faceted influencer whose journey has unfolded amidst the vibrant tapestry of this city. As a fashionista, her distinctive sense of style resonates through each frame, while her culinary explorations unveil delectable treasures that tantalize the senses. Embarking on globetrotting escapades, Latifa’s travel chronicles transcend boundaries, inviting followers to traverse the world alongside her. At the helm of her eponymous brand, she intertwines these passions into a symphony of inspiration, making Latifa Al Shamsi a beacon of creativity and a trailblazer in Dubai’s digital landscape.

7. My small obsessions

Dive into the world of “My Small Obsessions,” where Tala Farah transforms her twin passions – writing and fashion – into a vibrant and full-fledged blogging endeavor. This digital haven is a captivating blend of all things fashion, shopping, and beauty, meticulously curated to delight style enthusiasts. Tala’s keen eye for detail is evident as she delves into the realms of fashion trends, uncovering the hidden gems of shopping, and unraveling the secrets of beauty.

In “My Small Obsessions,” Tala Farah crafts a narrative that speaks to the heart of fashion aficionados, resonating especially with those in Abu Dhabi. With an astute focus on the local fashion landscape, she addresses the nuances and intricacies that often go unnoticed. As a result, her blog has become a trusted guide for individuals seeking sartorial inspiration in the heart of Abu Dhabi. With a penchant for bridging the gap between style and the every day, “My Small Obsessions” has emerged as a go-to resource, cultivating a community of like-minded individuals who share Tala’s fascination with fashion and more.

8. The Fierce Diaries


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Introducing “The Fierce Diaries,” an extraordinary digital haven curated by the dynamic Nadya Hassan, a 23-year-old residing in the UAE. This captivating platform transcends traditional boundaries, offering a unique avenue for fashion enthusiasts to explore dressing ideas through the power of imagery, rather than relying solely on words.

At “The Fierce Diaries,” Nadya Hassan masterfully curates a visual symphony of style, captivating readers with her impeccable sense of fashion. Through a captivating display of pictures, her blog becomes a visual canvas that ignites creativity and imagination. Stepping away from conventional narratives, she unleashes a world where each image speaks volumes, inspiring and guiding individuals seeking to make a sartorial statement. With an unbridled passion for fashion, “The Fierce Diaries” beckons readers to embark on a unique and visually stunning journey, led by the artistic vision of Nadya Hassan herself.

9. SheidaFashionista


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Enter the enchanting world of SheidaFashionista, where Sheida, a visionary blogger based in Dubai, masterfully interweaves the realms of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. At sheidafashionista.com, her digital canvas comes alive with vibrant narratives that delve into the latest trends in fashion, the secrets of beauty, and the nuances of modern living.

With a discerning eye for style and an innate understanding of beauty, SheidaFashionista offers a captivating tapestry of insights and inspirations. Whether it’s navigating the world of haute couture or discovering the latest beauty essentials, her blog resonates with those seeking a harmonious blend of elegance and everyday allure. Through her eloquent musings, Sheida’s digital realm invites readers to explore the ever-evolving landscape of fashion, unearth the secrets of radiant beauty, and embrace the essence of a stylish and fulfilling lifestyle.

10. Laura Badura


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Discover the captivating world of Laura Badura, a multifaceted presence nestled in Dubai, where she seamlessly embodies the roles of a model and a dedicated blogger. Notably, Laura has also ascended to the prestigious position of brand ambassador for Lilly Lashes, a testament to her undeniable charm and influence in the beauty industry. Immerse yourself in her digital realm, where her website beckons, offering a treasure trove of beauty and fashion insights.

At Laura Badura’s virtual haven, visitors are invited to explore a captivating fusion of beauty and fashion tips that resonate with both style enthusiasts and those seeking to elevate their aesthetic journey. Her unique perspective and unwavering passion infuse every piece of content, making her website an invaluable resource for individuals seeking to refine their style, enhance their beauty routines, and embrace the allure of Dubai’s fashion landscape. Embark on a transformative journey guided by Laura Badura’s expertise, as she effortlessly marries her roles as a model, blogger, and brand ambassador, leaving an indelible mark on the worlds of beauty and fashion.

11. ShereenMitwalli


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Delve into the inspiring world of ShereenMitwalli Butler, a trailblazing entrepreneur, and visionary leader, whose influence spans across the Middle East. As the founder and CEO of ‘The Female Network,’ a thriving online business platform, ShereenMitwalli has orchestrated a powerful community that unites women throughout the region. This dynamic initiative fosters connections, communication, and integration, shaping a tightly-knit sisterhood bolstered by the potency of social media.

With a commitment to empowerment and unity, ShereenMitwalli Butler’s remarkable journey has birthed a transformative digital landscape. The Female Network transcends boundaries, uniting women across the Middle East in a shared pursuit of growth, connection, and success. At www.shereenmitwalli.com, the heart of Shereen’s endeavors comes to life, inviting visitors to explore the breadth of her impactful work. It’s a place where empowerment and community thrive, fueled by Shereen’s unwavering dedication and vision, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of female entrepreneurship and unity in the Middle East.

12. Dubai Fashionista


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Enter the realm of Dubai Fashionista, where Lalla, a captivating fashion maven hailing from Morocco, has found her creative home in the vibrant city of Dubai. With an innate flair for style, Lalla’s unique perspective resonates through her captivating blog. Explore her world of fashion insights, tips, and inspirations by visiting dubaifashionista.tumblr.com.

Lalla’s blog is a tapestry of sartorial brilliance, offering a front-row seat to the latest trends, fashion advice, and the pulse of Dubai’s vibrant fashion scene. Her fusion of Moroccan roots and Dubai’s cosmopolitan charm creates a truly unique and dynamic perspective that sets Dubai Fashionista apart. Embark on a journey of style exploration as you navigate through Lalla’s musings, and discover a wealth of fashion inspiration that reflects the intersection of cultures and creativity in the heart of Dubai.

13. Leanne Everett


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Step through the looking glass into the captivating universe of Leanne Everett, a veritable fashion luminary who has woven her iridescent threads into the very fabric of Dubai’s style tapestry. As an ardent fashion blogger, Leanne’s digital sanctuary unfurls like a treasure map of trend revelations, style gems, and meticulously curated ensembles that bear the hallmark of her distinctive flair. Immerse yourself in her sartorial journey, where every click leads to her vibrant Instagram realm: www.instagram.com/leanneeverett/.

Within the visual symphony of Leanne Everett’s Instagram canvas, a tale of elegance and ingenuity takes center stage, with each frame capturing her innate grace and boundless imagination. Embracing Dubai’s allure as her backdrop, her profile beckons you to an artistic haven where fashion metamorphoses into pure poetry. With an unwavering eye for intricate details and an unrelenting passion for pushing boundaries, Leanne Everett extends an invitation to co-create a new fashion narrative in the heart of Dubai and beyond. Immerse yourself in a symphony that harmonizes luxury, cultural nuances, and the pulsating rhythm of personal expression, guided by a visionary curator of style.

14. Alia Al Awadhi

Step into the world of Alia Al Awadhi, a radiant blogger hailing from the vibrant city of Dubai. Beyond her digital presence, Alia is also the creative force behind ABAYA ATELIER Black Swan Atelier, where her designs exquisitely come to life.

With a keen eye for style and a heart steeped in creativity, Alia Al Awadhi’s journey is a captivating fusion of blogging prowess and design ingenuity. Her blog serves as a window into her world, where fashion, culture, and individual expression harmoniously converge. At the helm of ABAYA ATELIER Black Swan Atelier, Alia masterfully crafts design that evokes a sense of timeless elegance and modern allure, weaving her narrative into the rich tapestry of Dubai’s fashion landscape. Explore the artistry of Alia Al Awadhi and uncover the enchanting world she weaves, both in the digital realm and through her exquisite abaya designs.

15. Jive WithDeepti


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Enter the vibrant realm of “Jive WithDeepti,” where the pulsating beat of Deepti’s dynamic spirit resonates throughout her captivating journey. As a Dubai-based lifestyle influencer, she stands adorned with accolades, is a recipient of prestigious awards, and is a beloved UAE & India Magazine columnist. With an innate ability to seamlessly blend the realms of travel, food, and fashion, Deepti creates a symphony of experiences that beckons you to join the rhythm.

As the architect of “Jive WithDeepti,” Deepti’s digital footprint is a testament to her multifaceted talents. Her blog emerges as a canvas that fuses travel tales, culinary explorations, and sartorial narratives into a harmonious tapestry of life’s vibrant hues. A true embodiment of global connections, her collaborations take center stage, inviting others to join the dance. Let the energy of “Jive WithDeepti” sweep you away, as you revel in the synergy of cultures, flavors, and styles meticulously curated by this award-winning lifestyle influencer.