12 Reasons Why People Like Your Posts on Social Media

Without realizing it, social media has shaped the way people think and act. More often, being too much involved in the social media realm becomes the cause of anxiety and depression among young people.

Getting Facebook likes has been equated to social acceptance and has become the standard of self image portrayal. But have you ever wondered why a person liked your Facebook post? Studies suggest that certain Facebook actions such as hitting the 'LIKE' is provoked by different reasons. Thus, 'LIKE' is just a representation of a dozens of actions and meaning. Here are some reasons why a person likes your post on social media.

1. The OCD Like

You just have a thing for order and instead of leaving a post with 99 likes hanging, you will like it to bring the tally to 100.

2. The Disingenuous Like

You want attention and more likes in your recent photo posted but it wasn't receiving enough attention. To gain more reciprocal likes, you like recent posts on your new feed so your friends will notice.

3. The Manipulative Like

You like posts just so it will not affect your follower-to-following ration on Instagram. The only way to achieve it is to like random photos and the user will follow you in return.

4. The Genuine Like

You're a fan of Game of Thrones and you saw a status about it, read it, and genuinely liked it from the bottom of your heart. It's a genuine like.

5. The Noob Like

You came across an interesting photo of someone on Instagram. You became curious because she's almost half naked, but when you zoomed in you accidentally hit the 'like' button. Now you can't undo it because it will appear on her feed.

6. The Long Distance Like

It's like saying "Do you remember me?" You like posts of your long lost friend from kindergarten and it has been ages since you two last saw each other. Luckily, social media brought you together.

7. The FOMO Like

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is a type of anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on a social media website. You always like to be in the know of the latest, never left out so you like viral posts and share them because everyone is talking about it.

8. The Reciprocal Like

There's this friend who, because he's your friend likes your posts a lot. He rarely miss one. You like his photo because you felt the need to reciprocate the 'likes' you receive from this guy.

9. The Infatuated Like

You like the person's posts/photos because you like her, in a romantic way. You want her to know you appreciate her.

10. The Pity Like

You feel bad because your friend posted a question but it's been days that no one replies and agrees. You like the post and interact to boost his self esteem.

11. The René Descartes Like

"I LIKE, therefore, I am." You like posts of famous celebrities you wouldn't even have a chance in a single lifetime to meet in person, so they would acknowledge your existence.

12. The Premeditated Like

To avoid standing out and be so eager to like a photo, you wait for others to like it first before you do it. Even before you knew that you are ultimately going to like the photo.