17 Facebook Shortcuts that will Save You Time

Do you want to surf Facebook like a pro? If you are a regular Facebook user then you should consider using keyboard shortcuts to save time. Little did we know, Facebook has cool shortcuts which let you like a photo, comment, create new messages and navigate thru Facebook easily.

Simple Shortcuts:

C – Comment on a post

L – Like/unlike a post

J – Move to next post

K – Move to previous post

Multi Key shortcuts:

To use these shortcuts, you need to press modifier key and the map key (denoted by #). Different browsers have different modifiers. Here's a list:


Chrome: Alt + #

Firefox: Shift + Alt + #

Internet Explorer: Alt + #, then Enter

Map key

/ Search

Enter Focus on the text box when making a post

0 Help

1 Home

2 Timeline

3 Friends

4 Inbox

5 Notifications

6 Account Settings

7 Privacy

8 About

9 Terms

M New Message

How to do it? Simple. If you want to create new message and you're using Google Chrome, press Alt + m
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