5 New Facebook Mobile Marketing Revamp

Facebook’s F8 developer conference recently unveiled an array of new features that are currently in the refinement phase. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg met with senior executives and developers to develop the app and focus on growing its mobile audience.

In recent months, Facebook has been making significant efforts to expand its mobile reach through the introduction of new social media marketing apps and the acquisition of Parse. This mobile network improvement is good news for advertisers, as they can now target their exact audience and expand their network significantly.

Embrace growth with stability

The previous slogan “Mo Fast and Break Things” has now changed to “Mo Fast with Stable Infra”. Zuckerberg explained that this change enables them to create better experiences for their large user base of more than a billion people. Instead of aiming to reach as many users as possible at any cost, the emphasis is now on fixing major bugs quickly.

Empowering users with more control

Facebook has introduced a new set of permissions to give users more control over the information they share online. Users can now selectively choose what they want to share with third-party apps by expanding their privacy options. This granular permission access for third-party apps will be rolled out next year.

Anonymous app browsing

Despite efforts to promote the use of Real IDs to combat identity theft, Facebook has surprisingly allowed users to browse and test apps anonymously. This means users can try out apps without revealing additional personal information. One app currently being tested with this feature is Flipboard.

Facebook Mobile Ad Network

Since January, Facebook has added to its mobile ad network, which allows advertisers to place ads in third-party applications. As of now, 59% of Facebook’s total revenue comes from its mobile advertising network, and that number continues to grow. Audience Network empowers advertisers to find the best apps for their campaigns.

Developer friendly tools

Revolutionizing app development: Facebook’s Parse acquisition empowers developers with user-friendly cloud services. Enjoy enhanced capabilities like push alerts and analytics through Applinks on iOS and Android platforms, with wider availability coming standard soon.

Facebook’s F8 developer conference unveiled a slew of exciting new features and improvements that are set to revolutionize the social media landscape. With a focus on mobile expansion, user control, anonymity, and developer-friendly tools, Facebook pushes the boundaries and offers a better experience for its users and advertisers alike. As these updates arrive, marketers and developers should be ready to use these developments to their advantage.