5 New Facebook Mobile Marketing Revamp

During its recent F8 Developer Conference, Facebook revealed a new set of features currently undergoing optimization. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg convened with the largest social network's executives and developers, emphasizing on building apps and growing a mobile audience.

For the past months, Facebook has been making efforts to expand mobile reach with new social media marketing apps and the acquisition of Parse. This mobile network revamp is a good news to advertisers, enabling them to reach exact target audience and create a larger network.

Growing Up, Growing Faster

The old motto "Move Fast and Break Things" has now changed to "Move Fast with Stable Infra."
"It might not have the same ring to it and might not be as catchy, but it helps us build better experiences for everyone we serve and how we operate now," Zuckerberg said in the conference.
Zuckerberg isn't that much into 'breaking' things to reach more, but is more committed to fix major bugs within 48 hours for its more than a billion users.

More Control For Users

To gain the trust of users, Facebook released new set of permissions for users to have control over information they share online.
Facebook is working on permission for third party apps where users can select what they share. Users can now have more options for privacy. This line by line permission access for third party apps will reportedly start next year.

Anonymous App-Browsing

Despite encouraging users to use their own identity by rolling out anti-identity theft features, it is quite surprising that now Facebook enables users to browse and test apps anonymously. This way, users will not have to share more info to continue using the app. One of the apps Facebook currently tests is Flipboard.

Facebook Mobile and Network

Since January, Facebook ventured into its own mobile ad network which can be used by advertisers as a tool to place ads into third party applications. To date, 59% of Facebook total revenues make up its mobile ad network and is continuing to grow. The audience network will aid advertisers to get the right apps for their campaigns.

More Developer-Friendly Tools

Facebook intends to make developer-friendly tools through its Parse acquisition, which enables back-end cloud services to various apps. This allows developers to have push alerts and analytics through Applinks. This is already available for iOS and Android (limited) but is set to become standard in the next few months.