10 Awesome Photography Hacks in 2020

Want to buy a complete photography gear but afraid of the costs? The best way is to try some easy photography hacks to help you save money and achieve photography goals. There are plenty of photography hacks available for every photographer out there.

These DIY photography hacks are not just cheap but also adds creativity to your photography portfolio. What's even better is that you can do it in the comfort of your own home! Below are some of the best photography hacks from lenses to lights, to light box and beauty dishes, you follow these instructions to produce stunning photos!

1. DIY Light box

Not enough light? No need for a light box. All you need is a sheet of paper and a tape. Tape that sheet of paper on your window and place your subject in front of the paper. Try the aperture to f/8, set the ISO to 100 in Av mode. You can adjust the exposure to +1 or +2 depending on your focus!

10 Awesome Photography Hacks in 2018

2. Make Hazy Photos

Hazy photos are one of the most used photography effects. It's great to add that melancholic effects to photos. Surprisingly, it doesn't require rocket science to do this; all you need is a sandwich bag. First, you have to tear a hole in the plastic bag using your hands. Don't worry if the edges are rough, that's better! After that, take the open side and slide it into your camera lens. The hold should extend at the end of your lens and make sure the plastic is seen in your viewfinder. Make sure the middle part is not covered with plastic as your subject can't be seen. Then you're good to go!

10 Awesome Photography Hacks in 2018

3. Ring Flash

You will need a cardboard stiff enough not to bend. You can get a construction paper (black colour) to help reduce the flare back into the lens. You will also need a plastic bowl, foil, scissors, tape, and bubble mailer, a cup, and your own external flash.
Follow these easy steps:

10 Awesome Photography Hacks in 2018

4. Soft Focus Lens Effect

You will need the following materials: clear plastic, elastic band, and some Vaseline. First, put some Vaseline on your clear plastic paper and shoot using your camera. If you want to use gauze, cut the center and attach it to the lens of your camera with a rubber band. Make sure the loose ends are over the lens. Easy, right?

10 Awesome Photography Hacks in 2018

5. Bokeh Filters

Using Bokeh filters have become a trend in photography lately. Bokeh is a Japanese word which means blur. To achieve this, you will need a large aperture lens 50mm F1.8 or 50mm 1.4 and a sheet of black paperboard. You just have to cut and shape the sheet to make a fake lens hood. Place it in the lens with a tape on the sides and set your camera on the lowest aperture value.

10 Awesome Photography Hacks in 2018

6. DIY Flash Diffuser

This is one of the amazing photo hacks. You just need a camera with a pop-up flash, a white film container, blade or cutter, and a ruler.

First, measure the thickness of the pop-up flash. Cut a piece of the film container matching the thickness then insert it into the pop-up flash. Voila, you can now take photos in the soft light!

10 Awesome Photography Hacks in 2018

7. DIY Beauty Dish

You will need some polystyrene dishes, 2 cocktail sticks, a small piece of foil, double-sided tape, cutting knife, and pair of scissors. Cut the first dish in the exact same shape of your flash. Get the second dish and a circle. Line the inside of the circle with foil (use double-sided tape). Using two sticks, stick them together in a way that will look like this photo below. Make sure the foil faces the flash. This will create a diffusing effect on your flash!

10 Awesome Photography Hacks in 2018

8. Amazing Backdrops

You don't always have to travel to a location with great background when you're looking for a great background for your shoot. If you're doing a product shoot, you can easily use your laptop to search for nice backgrounds and place your subject against it.

10 Awesome Photography Hacks in 2018

9. Easy Set-Up Light Box

Here's what you will need: cardboard box, box cutter, packaging tape and a tissue paper. Follow these steps to make a collapsible lightbox:

Now you can just put a product inside and try different lighting set-ups. You can place the subject in front of or inside the box.

10 Awesome Photography Hacks in 2018

10. Colored Lens Filter

Another easy photography hack, you just need a piece of paper, scissors, plastic sheet, and a short piece of string. Follow these easy steps:

Shoot away!

10 Awesome Photography Hacks in 2018

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