15 Influential Travel Bloggers in the UAE

Ignite your wanderlust as you embark on a virtual journey with these UAE-based globetrotters who seamlessly weave their travel tales, inspiring you to explore new horizons. From the iconic skyscrapers of Dubai to the tranquil oases of Abu Dhabi, these intrepid bloggers encapsulate the essence of travel through their captivating narratives and stunning visuals. As they traverse from one enchanting destination to another, their blogs serve as a treasure trove of insights, unveiling hidden gems and insider tips that cater to every traveler’s curiosity.

Immerse yourself in the kaleidoscope of cultures as they delve into the vibrant souks of Marrakech, capturing the vivid tapestry of colors and scents that characterize these bustling markets. Join them in their adrenaline-pumping escapades, whether it’s scaling the majestic dunes of the Arabian Desert or diving into the cerulean depths of the Indian Ocean to witness the mesmerizing marine life. Beyond the breathtaking landscapes, these travel aficionados delve into immersive cultural experiences – from savoring traditional Emirati delicacies to partaking in age-old rituals that bind communities together. So, if you’re seeking a virtual passport to an array of global destinations, let these UAE-based explorers be your compass, guiding you through a digital odyssey that starts and ends with unquenchable wanderlust.

1. Travel Junkie Diary


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A post shared by Michelle (@michkaram)

Embark on a transformative journey with Travel Junkie Diary (TJD), a visionary platform that blossomed four years ago under the creative guidance of founder Michelle Karam. TJD serves as a virtual haven, a melting pot where passionate individuals converge to share their intimate travel escapades, offering a mosaic of inspiring narratives, soul-stirring encounters, and moments that redefine existence on a global scale. With unwavering dedication, TJD has unfurled a tapestry of hidden gems waiting to be discovered, chronicling intrepid explorers’ adventures that span from secluded retreats to exhilarating escapades, all while tantalizing the senses with the richness of diverse cuisines and heart-pounding doses of adventure. Central to its ethos, TJD ingeniously bridges continents and cultures through the expansive reach of social media platforms, evolving into a coveted repository of travel wisdom, a beacon for wanderlust seekers to draw from the wellspring of shared stories, experiences, and the inexorable embrace of life-altering moments that reverberate across time and space. Experience the world through the eyes of those who have dared to tread the uncharted territories, who have tasted life’s most exquisite offerings, as Travel Junkie Diary’s odyssey commences and culminates in a symphony of united global voices, ever-kindling the flame of exploration within.

2. Dubai Travel Blog


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A post shared by Dubai Travel Blog (@dubaitravelblog)

Step into the enchanting world of Dubai guided by Ed, an intrepid resident whose two-year immersion reveals the multifaceted allure of this thriving desert jewel. Beyond the ordinary, Ed’s relentless curiosity propels him through the urban tapestry, capturing moments with his camera that transcend time itself. This Dubai travel blog is an intricate tapestry interwoven with the threads of travel, gastronomy, and visual storytelling, where each post is a captivating chapter etching tales of flavors savored and hidden corners unveiled. As Ed’s footprints trace a dynamic path across Dubai’s landscape, his snapshots morph into vibrant brushstrokes, painting a vivid canvas of his excursions, an artistic interplay between heritage and innovation. Embark on a digital odyssey where travel, food, and photography converge, fusing the city’s essence with the observer’s gaze, a symphonic testament to Dubai’s ever-evolving narrative.

Dive into Ed’s narrative and witness the city’s heartbeat resonate through his lens, an immersive journey where tradition meets modernity, flavors awaken the senses, and every corner unveils a story. This chapter, a visual masterpiece, commences and concludes with the same poetic note—a celebration of Dubai’s essence, an invitation to traverse its labyrinthine streets, and a heartfelt homage to the city’s unceasing transformation.

3. The Thrift Trip


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A post shared by Joy Caasi (@joycaasi)

The Thrift Trip” beckons you to a realm where Joy, a spirited explorer hailing from the Philippines and weaving her tales against Dubai’s bustling streets, captures the ephemeral through her mesmerizing Street View photography. Beyond the lens, this blog evolves into a haven of thrifty adventures, audacious escapades, and introspective ponderings, blending diverse encounters into a rich tapestry that radiates authenticity. Each post is an invitation to embrace life’s fleeting moments, from the sun-soaked avenues of Dubai to the nostalgic embrace of her Filipino roots, painting a vivid picture of the extraordinary within the ordinary.

As you delve into “The Thrift Trip,” you’re enveloped in an immersive journey, a harmonious symphony of exploration and connection. Joy’s vibrant narratives and candid snapshots transport you to the crossroads of cultures, evoking wanderlust and inviting you to savor life’s nuances. This narrative commences and concludes with a celebration of the uncharted, encapsulating the essence of “The Thrift Trip” in a resounding ode to joy, discovery, and unbound wanderings.

4. Find me a Break


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A post shared by Findmeabreak.Me (@findmeabreak)

Discover your moment of respite with “Find Me a Break,” an inspiring blog curated by Myla Laurel, a skilled Digital Marketing Executive at the renowned PR agency, TishTash. Fueled by a passion for photography, Myla embarked on this creative journey to capture the beauty around her and translate it into captivating narratives. As a window to her world, the blog becomes a sanctuary of visual stories, seamlessly intertwining her love for imagery with eloquent prose.

Myla’s lens transforms everyday scenes into mesmerizing tales, inviting you to pause and appreciate the artistry in the ordinary. With each post, “Find Me a Break” invites you to explore the intricate dance between moments frozen in pixels and words that breathe life into them. Whether it’s a glimpse of urban landscapes or the tender play of natural light, Myla’s curated vision offers a welcome escape from the bustle of daily life. This narrative unfolds as a heartfelt invitation—a chance to step into her world, finding solace in the harmony of visuals and expressions, a symphony that commences and concludes with an ode to the beauty that surrounds us.

5. The Fierce Diaries


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A post shared by Nadya Hasan (@nadyaa)

Step into the enchanting world of fashion through the lens of “The Fierce Diaries,” a captivating blog crafted by the visionary Nadya Hasan, a dynamic UAE native who has woven her passion, identity, and essence into every stitch of her sartorial journey. A true fashion maven, Nadya’s creation exudes an air of elegance and opulence, where each ensemble is a carefully curated blend of high street chic and luxurious haute couture, forming an exquisite tapestry that mirrors her one-of-a-kind spirit.

“The Fierce Diaries” unveils Nadya’s intimate dance with fashion, a narrative that harmonizes her flair for sophistication with her innate zest for life. With every post, she orchestrates a symphony of colors, textures, and styles, inviting you to witness the evolution of her distinctive persona through her meticulously selected wardrobe. As her fashion odyssey unfurls, you’re transported into a world where self-expression meets artistic creation, where the fusion of high-end luxury and everyday elegance becomes a canvas upon which Nadya paints her story. This narrative opens its doors with an introduction to a fashion aficionado who is not just a spectator but a creator, inviting you to immerse yourself in her sartorial journey, and it concludes by leaving you with a tantalizing glimpse of the boundless fashion inspirations that await on “The Fierce Diaries.

6. Lady and Her Sweet Escapes


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A post shared by Lady Anne | Dubai Blogger (@ladyandhersweetescapes)

Lady and Her Sweet Escape is a uniquely curated blog where the vibrant spirit of a Filipino ex-pat in Dubai comes alive. Amid her demanding role as a healthcare professional, Lady embraces her role as an occasional traveler, embarking on journeys that infuse her life with color and wonder. Beyond her medical attire, Lady dons the cape of a devoted food enthusiast, savoring flavors that ignite her senses, while also embracing the timeless allure of romance, scripting her narrative of eternal happiness.

As you step into Lady’s narrative, you’re invited to traverse the crossroads of her life, where healthcare meets wanderlust, and where every culinary experience and romantic interlude is a brushstroke on her canvas. With each post, she unveils the harmonious blend of her professional dedication and personal passions, painting a portrait that resonates with those seeking a balance between work and exploration. This narrative commences by introducing the multifaceted existence of Lady, and it concludes with a promise—a promise of more sweet escapes, more gastronomic adventures, and more glimpses into a life woven with threads of love and discovery, an ongoing saga that paints life’s tapestry with vibrant hues.

7. Ishita Unblogged


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A post shared by Ishita (@ishitaunblogged)

Dive into the delectable world of “Ishita Unblogged,” a culinary travel haven that transcends boundaries, spotlighting the flavors of Dubai, Kolkata, and the global tapestry beyond. Guided by Ishita’s unwavering passion, this blog is a treasure trove of culture, history, and gastronomy, interwoven with travel tales that whisk you away on a sensory journey. With each post, Ishita masterfully crafts a narrative that marries the essence of diverse cuisines, heartfelt food stories, and soulful explorations, all while infusing humor and visual splendor.

“Ishita Unblogged” invites you to savor the intricacies of culinary artistry, presenting recipes that mirror cultures and spark nostalgia, all painted against a backdrop of compelling travel narratives and intriguing chef conversations. As you traverse through Ishita’s blog, you become an honorary traveler, partaking in her epicurean discoveries and heartwarming memories. This narrative begins by unveiling the diverse facets of “Ishita Unblogged,” a space where every dish, every story, and every memory unfolds, and it concludes by promising an ongoing feast of flavors, anecdotes, and revelations, an unending voyage that satisfies the palate and stirs the soul.

8. Sweet Life in the Sandpit


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A post shared by Mizra Al Hosani (@sweetlifeinthesandpit)

Sweet Life in the Sandpit” is your ultimate guide to uncovering hidden gems in the UAE, alongside an intimate peek into the life of Mizra Al Hosani. A captivating blend of curated discoveries and personal anecdotes, this blog serves as a compass for all things great in the Emirates. With a family that embraces novelty in activities, cuisines, and global exploration, Mizra’s journey unfolds as a fascinating narrative of cultural fusion and unending curiosity.

Delve into the exquisite tapestry of “Sweet Life in the Sandpit,” where each post showcases UAE’s best-kept secrets while inviting you to experience Mizra’s life through her unique lens. From new activities and culinary escapades to traversing the enchanting realms of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, this blog is an amalgamation of insights, seasoned with an American girl’s perspective, who’s  ventured into the mystical sandpit. As you immerse yourself in Mizra’s captivating narrative, you’re bound to be captivated by the allure of the UAE and her journey. This narrative commences by painting a vivid picture of “Sweet Life in the Sandpit,” a haven of discoveries and personal revelations, and concludes with an open invitation to join Mizra on her ongoing odyssey, an ever-evolving saga of exploration, flavors, and a life sweetly lived in the embrace of the desert’s enchantment.

9. Arabian Notes


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A post shared by Lindsey Parry (@arabiannotes)

Arabian Notes,” a tapestry woven by Lindsey Parry, a writer, media aficionado, wife, and enigmatic international soul, as she unfurls her captivating narrative in the UAE’s heart. Nestled between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, this blog isn’t just a glimpse into expatriate life; it’s an intimate exploration of the fusion between her global identity and the Emirates’ vibrant essence. Through Lindsey’s eloquent words, her experiences come alive, bridging the gap between cultures and curiosities. “Arabian Notes” invites you to delve into her world, celebrating the tapestry of life uniquely lived amidst the Arabian allure—a narrative that commences with intrigue and concludes by extending an open invitation to join Lindsey in her ongoing pursuit of unraveling the mystique of the UAE.

10. Mr. Moudz


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A post shared by Mahmoud (@mrmoudz)

Revealing the Enchanting Tale of Mahmoud Sidani, the Renowned Creative Luminary Known as ‘Mr. Moudz has etched his indelible mark in the tapestry of contemporary luxury and fashion. Emerging from Dubai’s esteemed Level Shoe District, Mahmoud’s journey from astute buyer to celebrated male influencer and blogger is a symphony of global fashion encounters and innate creativity, redefining the boundaries of sartorial expression.

Dive into the immersive realm of “Mr. Moudz,” a digital odyssey that chronicles his jet-setting exploits across prestigious Fashion Weeks and trade shows, meticulously captured through his Instagram lens. Yet, what truly sets him apart is his artful fusion of laid-back streetwear with the finesse of haute couture, sculpting a unique and magnetic style ethos that resonates with a discerning audience. This narrative embarks with his footsteps echoing in the corridors of luxury fashion and concludes with a crescendo of personalized style, a symposium where global fashion currents harmonize with an authentic individualistic flair.

11. The Boho Chica


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A post shared by Natasha Amar | TRAVEL (@thebohochica)

The Boho Chica is a captivating blog curated by Natasha, a relentless traveler and enchanting storyteller whose heart beats to the rhythm of exploration. Nestled in Dubai, Natasha’s insatiable wanderlust propels her into the alluring chaos of new markets, the serenity of scenic trails, the delectable embrace of foreign cuisines, and the tapestry of vibrant cultures. With a genuine passion for connection, her encounters with amazing individuals are painted in warm smiles and shared narratives, weaving a mosaic of shared humanity.

“The Boho Chica” is more than a blog—it’s an invitation to lose oneself in the symphony of the world’s wonders, as Natasha’s evocative tales transport you to the heart of each destination. As you traverse through her stories, you become an honorary traveler, vicariously experiencing the kaleidoscope of sensations that each place offers. Natasha’s narrative opens with the promise of heartfelt exploration and concludes by extending a warm embrace to all who share her restless spirit, a harmonious ode to the world’s vast beauty and the genuine connections that enrich our lives.

12. While I'm Young


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A post shared by While I’m Young: Travel Blog (@danniellelily)

While I’m Young is a unique and captivating blog dedicated to the relentless pursuit of enriching experiences, tailored for the discerning twenty-something crowd who challenge conventional norms and seek genuine moments over societal expectations. As the mastermind behind the blog, Danielle eloquently captures the essence, stating, “We embody the adventurers who ingeniously stretch a meager budget to fuel our next grand adventure, our perpetually half-unpacked backpacks holding more significance than any luxury accessory – if luxury even still resonates.” Step into a realm where the allure of experiences eclipses material possessions, where backpacks brim with stories, and where bold choices lead to a life imbued with authenticity. “While I’m Young” becomes an anthem of audacity, a testament to a generation that forges its path, defying convention, and embracing life’s uncharted territories with unwavering zeal.

13. Momentary Awe


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A post shared by Ana Elisa Seixas (@anaelisaseixas)

Catalin Marin, a Dubai-based photographer of esteemed acclaim, stands as a true luminary in his field and an ardent devotee of photo blogging. Renowned for his unmatched perspective and unwavering attention to detail, Catalin has seamlessly collaborated with esteemed clients throughout the region, focusing his lens on architectural marvels, and interior realms, and capturing the essence of corporate personas through his captivating portraitures.

Catalin’s artistic prowess finds recognition not only through his clients’ discerning eyes but also in published works such as “Practical HDR – A Complete Guide to Crafting HDR Images.” His artistic journey reached a pinnacle with his photograph titled “Foggy Sunrise in Dubai,” an iconic capture that swiftly ascended to become one of National Geographic’s most shared Photos of the Day in 2011. Catalin Marin’s lens doesn’t merely capture images; it encapsulates stories, breathes life into architecture, and unveils the human spirit through his masterful portraiture. His narrative commences with his emergence as a distinguished Dubai-based photographer and concludes by illuminating the extraordinary impact of his visual odyssey on the world stage.

14. Moment Keepers


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A post shared by Joanna + Jeremiah | Travelers (@themomentkeepers)

Meet Jeremiah and Joanna Villanueva, a dynamic couple hailing from the Philippines, who have embarked on a remarkable expat journey in the vibrant city of Dubai for the past six years. By day, they excel in the realm of IT professionals, while by night, they seamlessly transition into passionate travel bloggers, skillfully weaving their tales. Their journey isn’t limited to pixels and posts; they also nurture their aspirations as budding photographers, capturing moments that resonate with their wanderlust-infused spirits.

Jeremiah and Joanna Villanueva, a union brimming with creativity and wanderlust, form the heartbeat of “Moment Keepers.” Their narrative echoes the pursuit of a vibrant expat life in Dubai, seamlessly blending their roles as IT professionals, nocturnal travel bloggers, and aspiring photographers. As daylight transitions into starlit storytelling, their blog emerges as a haven for fellow adventurers seeking captivating narratives. This tale commences with their transformative journey as a couple and concludes by inviting kindred souls to join them in preserving cherished moments, embracing a life where every instant is an indelible keepsake.

15. I am Ella


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A post shared by Ella Dvornik-Pearce (@elladvornik)

Ella is residing in the bustling heart of London, embracing life’s abundance without reservation. A globetrotter since her early years, Ella’s passion for exploration knows no bounds, beautifully expressed through her words: “The art of uncovering, the thrill of venturing, these are life’s ultimate gifts. My journey unfolds across these pages, a symphony of travel tales that intertwine with my London life.” Beyond her wanderlust, Ella’s hedonistic pursuits lead her to the city’s culinary corners, where every dish becomes a savory voyage. Her narrative encapsulates a fusion of audacious journeys and palate adventures, enriched by her earnest desire to share not just stories but tangible goodness with others. Ella’s vibrant narrative commences with her presence and concludes by extending an open-hearted invitation, inviting kindred souls to revel in the vivacity of exploration, the joy of feasting, and the boundless gift of giving.