How to Take Professional Business Headshots (22 Tips)

A professional headshot, commonly known as a corporate headshot, captures a person’s face in a photograph. The primary objective of a business headshot revolves around projecting a sense of professionalism. Achieving this goal typically involves employing specific posing techniques, selecting an appropriate setting, displaying the right facial expression, and choosing suitable attire.

What sets apart a business headshot from a regular headshot?

In terms of composition, a business headshot and a regular headshot may be similar, but their purpose and target audience set them apart. A business headshot aims to project professionalism and is typically used as a profile picture on a company website or LinkedIn. On the other hand, a regular headshot may serve various purposes and cater to different contexts. It is essential to recognize that a “business headshot” represents a specific subset within the broader category of headshot photography.

How to Take Professional Business Headshots (22 Tips)

22 Essential Tips for Capturing a Professional Business Headshot

1.  Match your headshot to your brand

In the realm of business headshots, tailoring the image to the subject’s unique brand is crucial. The photograph should reflect qualities such as authority, power, trustworthiness, approachability, or friendliness, depending on the individual’s role and reputation. Understanding the subject’s brand enables photographers to plan and execute the session effectively, creating remarkable business headshots that optimize their online presence.

How to Take Professional Business Headshots (22 Tips)

2. Evaluating the intended platforms for your business headshot

Knowing and understanding the platforms where the headshot will be used is essential. Whether for a LinkedIn profile, a Facebook picture, or the company website, each platform may have specific requirements and aesthetics. By aligning with the anticipated usage, photographers ensure that their business headshots seamlessly integrate into the intended digital contexts, augmenting the subject’s professional presence.

3. Harnessing the power of proper lighting in

Proper lighting is crucial in capturing compelling and professional business headshots. Whether using a classic three-point lighting setup or natural lighting, skillful utilization of light enhances the subject’s features and creates captivating headshots that exude professionalism.

How to Take Professional Business Headshots (22 Tips)

4. Clean backdrop in business headshots

A simple and uncluttered backdrop ensures the subject remains the focal point of the photograph. The backdrop selection can range from classic white or black backgrounds to various colors or softly blurred office settings. The decision should align with the subject’s brand, enhancing the overall appearance of the headshot.

5. Select a natural environment

Choosing a familiar and natural environment for the headshot adds authenticity to the photograph. Capturing images in the subject’s actual work setting helps represent their brand genuinely and enhances their comfort, resulting in confident and natural-looking business headshots.

How to Take Professional Business Headshots (22 Tips)

6. Dress professionally

Selecting attire that aligns with the subject’s professional image is crucial. Dressing appropriately ensures a polished and confident appearance, projecting a strong and authentic image that resonates with clients and colleagues.

7. Opt for a simple hairstyle and makeup

Maintaining a natural and authentic appearance is key to capturing professional business headshots. Avoiding excessive makeup or elaborate hairstyles helps ensure the subject’s true self shines through in the photograph.

8. Maintain good posture

Keeping a straight and confident posture enhances the overall composition of the headshot, projecting professionalism and self-assurance.

How to Take Professional Business Headshots (22 Tips)

9. Stay relaxed

Encouraging the subject to stay relaxed and at ease during the photo session allows their natural charm and expression to shine through, resulting in more authentic and engaging photographs.

10. Consider the use of props

Strategic prop usage can add an extra layer of effectiveness to business headshots, reinforcing the subject’s brand communication within the image.

11. Use a hand mirror

Having a hand mirror within reach helps subjects feel at ease and allows them to make last-minute adjustments to their appearance, contributing to a successful and confident photoshoot.

How to Take Professional Business Headshots (22 Tips)

12. Stay hydrated

Prioritizing hydration before the headshot session ensures a refreshed and vibrant appearance, enhancing the overall quality of the photographs.

13. Limit salt intake

Minimizing salt consumption before the photoshoot helps prevent facial bloating caused by water retention, ensuring a more sculpted and defined appearance in the headshots.

14. Get sufficient rest

Prioritizing ample sleep before the photoshoot results in a healthier complexion and a well-rested glow that leaves a lasting impression.

How to Take Professional Business Headshots (22 Tips)

15. Invest in professional headshots

Hiring a professional photographer is essential to capture a polished and authentic image that enhances the subject’s brand identity and overall appearance.

16. Engage in conversation with the subject

Creating a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere by engaging in conversation helps subjects feel at ease, resulting in more natural and authentic photographs.

17. Decide on glasses or no glasses

Considering the subject’s brand identity and personal preferences is crucial when deciding whether they should wear glasses in the headshot.

How to Take Professional Business Headshots (22 Tips)

18. Consider camera height

Positioning the camera at the appropriate height, such as nose, eye level, or slightly above eye level, ensures a polished and engaging business headshot.

19. Choose between a smile or a serious expression

Prioritizing individual comfort and authenticity allows for genuine and natural expressions in business headshots.

How to Take Professional Business Headshots (22 Tips)

20. Avoid rushing the photography process

Taking a patient and relaxed approach during the headshot session ensures optimal results and attention to detail.

21. Capture multiple takes

Taking multiple shots allows for flexibility during post-production and ensures a range of options for the subject to choose from.

22. Update headshots annually

Obtaining a new business headshot at least once a year ensures that the subject’s professional image accurately reflects their current position and brand identity.