10 Tips for creating Your Best SEO Content in 2020

SEO is nothing new, and almost everyone is aware of the undisputed significant role that content plays in marketing your business online. Well-written content gets good ranking when appropriately optimized. It also drives relevant traffic which is beneficial for your business. However, with the dawn of every new year, SEO trends and practices keep changing. Therefore, if you are one of the many companies looking forward to improving your content marketing strategy for an improved Return on Investment (ROI), then you need to use practices that will drive you towards achieving your goal.

Before we delve any deeper, let's take a look at what SEO is all about. In short, SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. Simply put, it is a technique for improving the number of visitors to a particular website, by improving the search ranking over a Search Engine Result Page (SERP) to improve online visibility in terms of organic search. This, in parallel with a great website design, can deliver key results.

Here we will look at the ten cutting edge tips for creating your best SEO content this year and beyond.

1. Readability is key

SEO content that ranks high on SERPs uses simple language structures and maintains readability. To achieve readability, your content needs to convey substantial information in a clear, organized, logical, understandable and straightforward manner.

Remember that every second, millions of websites and web pages are continuously being assessed using search engine ranking algorithms which are machine based, hence, use artificial intelligence. These algorithms can't make sense of complicated language structures and expressions, so the simpler, the better.

2. Use targeted keywords to reach your segment audience

Creating relevant content isn't enough; it only becomes enough when it's created for the right audience. You can easily use your SEO content to reach the segment audience by optimizing it with targeted keywords.

So, what are “targeted keywords”? These refer to terms or phrases that your target audience is frequently searching. Including targeted keywords enhances the visibility of your content, because when your audience niche enters those keywords in a search engine, your content will appear first. However, optimizing your content is not that simple, first and foremost, you need to understand:

To find this information, carry out extensive audience research, keyword research, and topic research. This will enable you to tailor your SEO content for the right audience-the audience that needs your services, using relevant and profitable keywords relating to products or services you offer.

3. Create broad, in-depth content

Detailed or in-depth content is a hot SEO trend at the moment. Why? Because according to Google, more in-depth content remains relevant, months or years after publication. Additionally, creating more in-depth content should cover all the angles of a particular topic which means, your audience will not need to skip from one blog or page to another in search of all the details.

You can make your content a one-stop destination by creating detailed long-form posts, preferably between 2000-4000 words or even more, and cover all aspects of the product or service you are discussing.

4. Be an expert or authority figure in the field

People are easily influenced by authoritative figures. Generally, the authority or expert authorship in content plays an important role when it comes to contributing to a page's quality.

So whatever your niche is, be an expert or authority figure, ensure you provide your audience with well researched and relevant information.

5. Do original research

Get first-hand information in your niche, including statistics, studies, and research in your content that hasn't been covered yet. Why is original research essential? For starters, this is a massive link magnet—your original research opens up a plethora of opportunities for other websites to link and cite your findings, not forgetting improving your value to your audience and field of expertise.

6. Format content properly for featured snippets

Featured snippets have become popular in SERPs and this will only continue to be so moving forward. These are small blocks of information that appear at the top of a results page when a user enters a question or a string of keywords. Featured snippets generally contain blog posts selected by the Google algorithm, because they provide the most accurate and relevant information that the user is interested in.

7. Include appropriately cited facts and figures

The secret to creating credible and trustworthy SEO content is research. What better way to boost your credibility and prove your expertise within your target audience than providing supporting facts or figures, sources and data in your content?

8. Speed up your page

Most people will ignore a webpage if it takes too much time to load, myself included, and this trend will not change anytime soon. One way of improving your SEO content is by improving your page speed to ensure your pages and content load and display faster. You can improve your page speed by reducing HTTP requests, asynchronous loading of CSS and JavaScript, using optimized images, and so on.

9. Capitalize on visuals

People are genetically wired to notice and respond to images more than anything else. Simply inserting well designed, high-quality images in your content is not enough. Instead, invest in visuals that make your content professional and authoritative.

10. Quality SEO content is key

The fundamental reason behind creating content is to provide accurate and quality information—information that enlightens an audience and helps them solve a particular problem they may have. Never compromise on the quality and standard of the content you write for your segment audience.

Remember, once a user enters a google search query, Google assembles websites, blogs and web pages that contain the most accurate and relevant answer, and lists them in the SERPs. The one with the most reliable and quality information will rank in the top spot or even become a featured snippet—a coveted position to be in.

Although there are many contributing factors when it comes to SEO content, sticking to the enumerated tips above will surely help you drive traffic to your website through social media and create a prominent online presence for your business.