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The significance of the iTunes App Store is undeniable. In 2011, the number of apps downloaded increased 61% to approximately 12 billion downloads. In that time, iPhone users also spent 14% more per app then they did in 2010. These trends make it more and more difficult to consider a digital strategy without considering the iPhone user base, or to consider an internal business strategy without leveraging the power of the small and personal smartphone that is the iPhone.

Grafdom’s qualified iPhone developers utilize the latest tools and technologies, so whether you are looking for a location-based app, one that has Passbook capabilities, needs Facebook and Twitter integration, or whether you want to optimize for the latest Retina Displays, we know exactly how to approach it.

There are times you may not know exactly what is needed for your app, except for the fact that just that you need one. No problem! We have iPhone application development experts and an entire iPhone application development service to take you through the process of gathering requirements for your product, designing and developing it, submitting to the app store and ultimately, deploying it for the world to use.

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