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eDetailing & Interactive Sales | Dubai, UAE, Pakistan

Ensure effective meetings and increased customer satisfaction powered by high quality individual data.

eDetailing has now become one of the strongest sales and communication tools in the global pharmaceutical & healthcare industry with Dubai (UAE) being a key driver in this segment within the Middle East. Product managers can now, not only control the key points discussed during field sales, but also record and monitor user activity and customer feedback through their chosen Closed Loop Marketing (CLM) software platform in order to better understand changing markets and identify opportunities for their products.

  • eDetailing allows product managers and agencies to easily adapt and publish new content which your sales team can acquire remotely.
  • Greater communication of key selling points for your products. Visual communications, videos, illustrations, branding etc. by equipping your sales team with the most up-to-date information and interactive tools.
  • Reduction in the cost of printing, re-printing and distribution of marketing collateral as brochures are replaced by digital versions.
  • Greater management of valuable data collected during sales calls which can be used to improve therapy wide or specific product marketing communications.

Grafdom is renowned in the Middle East for developing eDetails (and iDetails) for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. We currently work with clients in Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe. Due to non-disclosure agreements, current client work cannot be showcased or discussed but we would be happy to meet you to review your needs and eDetailing development plan. We can work to reduce costs, achieve your roll-out deadlines while adding value and building on your key product selling points.

Call us on +9714 3453033 (Dubai) or email [email protected] to have one of our associates get in touch with you.



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