5 WhatsApp Settings You Should Change

Owned by Facebook, WhatsApp is available on mobile operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Nokia S40 and Nokia S60.

It is probably the most popular messaging app all over the world, with 700 million active users. It has made chatting more efficient and cheaper than sending text messages. If you're one of these users, you might as well consider changing your settings to improve your WhatsApp messaging experience.

Manage push notifications

Another default setting of WhatsApp is the preview of incoming messages as push notification. If you don't want other people to see your private conversations, you can have this option deactivated.

How to do it? Go to "Settings," choose "Notifications" and toggle the "Show Preview" option to off. Now you'll just get a notification that says, "Message from Name," rather than a preview of the actual message text.

Auto Backup of Chats

Millions of information is shared thru WhatsApp. During those times when you needed something but can't find it in your chat history, you can count on backup. WhatsApp can automatically back up all of your chats. Tap "Settings" > "Chat Settings" > "Chat Backup." Choose "Auto Backup" to store chats in your iCloud account on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Save up some memory

Counter WhatsApp's default setting of automatically saving images and videos that you receive thru the app. At first, you will think it saves you time to save photos in your camera roll but then it becomes annoying because it floods your phone with unnecessary images.

How to do it? Go to WhatsApp's Settings menu, select Chat settings and toggle Save Incoming Media option to off.

Hide "Last Seen"

If you'd like to keep your chatting activity private, you can always modify the "Last Seen" where no one will see it. Go to settings, click "Account" > "Privacy" > "Last Seen." Change your settings. On the down side, if you hide yours, you won't be able to see other's activity too.

Share location easily

Meeting up with a friend? You can use WhatsApp to easily send your location to your friends. It is synced to Google Maps which when viewed, can be just a click away to enable navigation.

Before you use this feature, make sure you've set this up on your phone and allow WhatsApp to access your location. Remember that you can switch it off later. To the chat box, select "Share Location." You'll see the option to send your location to another WhatsApp user.