9 Must Have Back To School Gadgets for College

“We need technology in every classroom and in every student and teacher's hand, because it is the pen and paper of our time, and it is the lens through which we experience much of our world.” – David Warlick, an early adopter and promoter of technology in the classroom.
Summer is about to end and a new school year is about to start. Most kids have laptop and backpack these days, but this point in time demands that we keep up to date with the latest gadgets and gizmos. Advanced technology now plays a huge role in both teaching and learning process. From new tablets to everything they need to get organized, here's a list of some back to school must haves.

1. Smart phones, tablet

Students need to always be connected. They share files online, view lectures online, and take quizzes online. A tablet is definitely more handy than a laptop. You can carry it around everywhere you go and stay connected. College students need to be multitasking and should always be on the go. It could be your go best buddy from checking emails, researching online libraries, reading an e-book, to jotting down lecture notes while inside the classroom.

2. Extra batteries

Now it's impossible to get through the day without charging your phone or tablet. Now, whenever you run out of battery and can't seem to find a convenient outlet to plug in your device, you could use the help of some extra batteries.

3. Portable Charger

If you don't prefer carrying extra batteries, you can try carrying a portable charger. It comes in different sizes which can even be attached to a keychain, perfect for travelling light at school.

4. Anti Virus Protection

This is one of the essentials you must not live without. Safeguard your computer and files from virus and corruption and you'll be at ease.

5. GPS Car System

Having your car with a ready GPS system will help you more than you could ever know. Navigate your way through the streets without the hassle of stopping to ask someone for directions.

6. Protective case for your phone

Protect your precious phone from scratch and cracks by using a protective case. It comes in different colors, texture, and material but Otterbox is still the best choice.


This helps especially when taking down notes with your iPad/tablet for a more efficient use.

8. Bluetooth speakers

Whenever you feel the need to jam, you can always use the help of a bluetooth speaker that connects to your phone. Turn your nook into a mini jambox for an instant party or movie marathon.

9. Air Humidifier

Do not let your flat or dorm room stink. An air humidifier saves you from unpleasant smell that keeps you from focusing on studying or completing school tasks.