3 Summer Holiday Tech Tips to Protect your Gadgets

Sometimes even on vacation, you need to attend to some important emails and make some emergency phone calls. Summer is meant to be spent on the beach and sadly, gadgets and water and sand don't really go together. So if you'll bring a tablet or pc, or even a mobile phone on a holiday, you might as well be prepared.

Avoid travel woes with these handy how-to's and tips to keep your gadgets in tip-top shape while on a summer beach getaway.

1. Save your phone from water & sand

You want to go to the beach but can't because you're waiting for a call. Going to the seaside or sitting by the pool to grab some drinks won't bring you any good if you plan on bringing your phone with you. You can try making your phone waterproof by putting some cover on it. There are special phone cases out in the market made from thermoplastic covering that protects from water, sand, and any other damaging things which get into those little holes while on holiday. Waterproof cases come in various sizes so you can get them for your laptop and tablet.

What if sand gets in your phone? If this happens then the best thing to do is get a can of compressed air. It's not advisable to use a cloth or cotton buds in cleaning because it might damage your sand-soaked phone. It can cause some scratches and other damage. . A can of compressed air with blow that sand back onto the beach where it belongs, without causing any damage to the hardware.

2. Keep your gadgets safe from theft

Aside from dangers of water, you should also worry about keeping your phone away from prying hands. The best way to avoid this is to always be alert. More thieves are always on the lookout for unattended gadgets. It's also important to have a password for all your gadgets so if someone steals it, they won't have access to your personal stuff.

3. Protect your data online

Before you join a Wi-Fi hotspot, be very sure of your settings as there are some security issues which make you vulnerable to hacking –especially now that in almost every corner, it's easier to be connected to the internet.

Be very careful of engaging in sensitive transactions online, or when sending emails while on a holiday. Having an SSL or VPN connection can help protect your phone. If you are using a Wi-Fi hotspot, it's advisable to avoid any online bank transactions as some hackers might access your private details.

Keeping your gadgets safe while away from home is something we should all be concerned about, regardless if it's summer vacation or not. Taking precautionary measures will always be better than ruining your holiday with problems.